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Posted by Danielle Tanner on 06-Apr-2017 15:23:00

Firstly, hello and welcome to our blog! We'd thought we'd take this opportunity to briefly introduce our blog and explain why it is we've chosen to write one.  

You don't have to be an expert to see that there are many blogs out there these days covering almost every topic you can think of. However, given that Telcoinabox is quite a different business concept, we found that there weren't many blogs that could talk about what we can.  And that's starting a telecoms business, running a business, adding products to an existing business and of course, telecoms and technology.  Telcoinabox has fully emerged in the telecoms industry; from being personal consumers, a business using telecoms, a wholesale supplier, through to also dealing with resellers and end-users.  

We will be inviting our senior managers and department specialists (Account Managers, Marketing, Billing, Finance, Technical Support and Customer Support) to write about subjects they know inside out, to give a unique, Telcoinabox perspective on things and to introduce the many personalities behind our business and teams.  

We will explore best practices from our start-up and existing business, from the 75+ businesses that we have set up in the UK, and their (and our) interactions with their 10's of 1000's of customers. 

Now, I don't know about you, but we believe there are a few good reasons there to start a blog.  

So, who are 'we'?

We are a company called Telcoinabox. We enable you to become a telecommunications provider  – essentially, a telecoms company – with a full suite of telecoms and IT products including the latest communication and cloud-based technologies. Meanwhile, Telcoinabox takes care of the “back office” for you. This includes the billing and a 24/7/365 technical support team that answers the phone in your business name. We have a lot of experience in starting up businesses to supply telecoms and facilitating existing businesses to add telecoms into their already established business.  We have perfected our set-up process, meaning we can have your businesses up and running with us within two weeks. Our business is run by extremely experienced entrepreneurs in the Telecoms game, as well as fresh faces that are always challenging the norm. 

We're always happy to get your feedback and comments - so feel free to say hello in the comments section below and/or subscribe to never miss out on our updates and so we know you're listening!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to find out more about Telcoinabox, please visit our website:

Stay tuned for the next blog post in 1 weeks time...

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